The Vision, Mission, Educational Philosophy and Core values of DUT:


By 2035, The University of Danang – University of Science and Technology is a research-based university with international recognition and proactive cooperation in the global world for solving national and international socio-economic challenges.


Being a higher education institution providing high-quality human resources, capable of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in the fields of engineering – technology; promoting research and technology transfer for sustainable socio-economic development regionwide, nationwide and worldwide.

Educational Philosophy

Thinking, Creating and Humanity Cherishing.

Read more about the Educational Philosophy of DUT here.

Core values

  • Quality and Professionalism
  • Innovation and Creativeness
  • Humanity and Integrity

The Vision and Mission of FME:


Leading Mechanical Engineering and MEE Education, Research and Technology Transfer in Vietnam and in SouthEast Asia, approaching the high level of the world.


Providing excellent mechanical and mechatronics science and technology resources to serve the sustainable socio-economic development of Vietnam, especially the Central area and Highlands.

Functionalities and duties of FME

  • Guaranteeing effective teaching and practicing in basic science subjects and majors specialized in Mechanical Engineering and MEE, and other international collaborative training programs;
  • Cooperating with other universities and prestigious institutes inside and outside the country in training, graduate and post-graduate transfer training, exchanging lecturers and students;
  • Establishing and developing Teaching Research Teams (TRT) related to the fields of Mechatronics, Manufacturing and Material Technology; 
  • Cooperating with industries in research and training.
  • No. 54 Nguyen Luong Bang street, Danang city
  • (+84) 236 3842741