Over more than four decades of development, all the members of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) have made continuous efforts and participated in scientific research and technology transfer with many topics that had high practicality, good quality, and great contribution to the development of the Mechanical industry today. Over the past years, FME and our lecturers have successfully led 10 ministerial-level projects, 07 UD-level projects, more than 20 DUT-level projects and many other ones with companies***. See a list of projects for all levels here. 

Many projects have been technology transferred with enterprises to work very effectively such as “Shrimp feed production line” by Assoc. Prof. Tran Xuan Tuy. This product has been transferred to the Nha Trang Research and Aquaculture Institute and Khanh Hoa Institute of Vaccine. 

Besides, as for the state level projects, MSc. Chau Manh Luc participated in the project “Research and application of robots for the floor welding lines of dump trucks in automobile factories”. This system was transferred at Truong Hai Auto Joint Stock Company, Quang Nam in January 2015 with welding capacity of 4 products per hour, reaching 25,000 products per year. In addition, MSc. Chau Manh Luc also participated in the product technology transfer of “Self-inserted concrete brick production machine with vibrating pouring technology” for CBP factories. This product has been patented, utility solution since 2013. 

TRT team of FME has also had a lot of successful technology transfer, such as:  

  • Calculate and design the drive system of the ferris wheel at the Asia Park Company, the Monument of Danang, 2014;
  • Research, design, and manufacture the CD&DVD picking, cooling and stacking systems for disc factory, 2013;
  • Repair the crane for Danang Rubber Corporation, 2014; 
  • Repair the crane for Song Thu Mechanical Joint Stock Company, Danang, 5/2013;
  • Design and manufacture self-operating robots that can take samples of soil, water and air when contaminated with toxic chemicals  Project requested by the military unit;
  • “Research, design, and fabricate the CNC/CAD/CAM milling cutter”. This product has become the traditional product of the University and was developed into commercial product  The project of 40th anniversary of the establishment of University of Science and Technology, the University of Danang; 
  • “Mineral mud equipment” for a 5-star hotel at 254 Vo Nguyen Giap, Danang;
  • Feed conveyor for boiler (10 tons of steam per hour) of Hoa Khanh textile factory; 
  • Cable testing equipment for cable-stayed bridges in the Central region and the Central Highlands;
  • Automatic vermicompost system for farmers in Hoa Bac province, Danang, 2018;
  • BK-AntiCovid robot for patient services in hospital quarantine zone, 2020.
DC_SX_thuc_an_nuoi_tom_NT DC_SX_thuc_an_nuoi_tom_KH
Shrimp feed production line Shrimp feed production line


Research and application of robots for the floor welding lines of dump trucks in automobile factories (National project, project code KC 03.09/11-15)

Chuoi_dao_phay Thiet_bi_bun_khoang
CAD/CAM/CNC milling cutter Mineral mud equipment
DC_lam_sach_son_vo_binh_ga_1 DC_lam_sach_son_vo_binh_ga_2 DC_lam_sach_son_vo_binh_ga_3

Dây chuyền làm sạch, sơn vỏ bình gas

HT_han_noi_ray_tau_lua Thiet_bi_thu_kin_binh_gas
Hệ thống hàn nối tự động đường ray
tàu hỏa
Thiết bị thử kín bình gas

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