The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is fully equipped with modern equipment and machines for training, scientific research and technology transfer.


The Institute of Mechanical Technology and Automation (IMTA) is the “High Quality Human Resource Training Project” invested from the ODA of the Austrian Government worth over 5.5 million Euro (about 150 billion VND). The Institute belongs to DUT and is in charge of the staff of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Website:

The laboratories of the Institute include:

  • CTS lab (CAD/CAM simulation softwares);
  • Basic CNC programming lab;
  • Advanced CNC programming lab;
  • CAD/CAM/CNC technology and machine research lab;
  • Experimental production lab;
  • Automation Research lab (CIM Automatic Production System, Product Assembly System, Industrial Robot, Industrial Sensor…);
  • Measurement lab level 1 and 2;
  • Measurement lab level 3 (CMM).

Some photos:

VienCK_1 VienCK_2 VienCK_3 VienCK_5
IMTA building iCIM lab CTS lab Advanced CNC programming lab
VienCK_4 VienCK_7 VienCK_6 VienCK_8
Advanced CNC programming lab Basic CNC programming lab Basic CNC programming lab CAD/CAM/CNC technology and machine research lab


The Workshop is the place with the highest density of students doing internships and experiments. This place is invested in all kinds of traditional metal cutting machines such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, slitting… as well as NC digital control machines such as turning, milling… that are served for training and technology transfer.

Some photos:

Xuong_Co_1 Xuong_Co_5 Xuong_Co_6 Xuong_Co_8
Xuong_Co_4 Xuong_Co_3 Xuong_Co_7 Xuong_Co_2


3.1. Laboratory of Hydropower and Hydro-gas Transmission

The Lab has many equipment systems used for in-depth research in the fields of hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, and visual experimental models that are greatly helpful for experiment and practical work for undergraduate and graduate.

3.2. Laboratory of Measurement and Experimental Data Processing

The Lab is equipped with fairly modern measuring equipment ranging from manual measuring instruments to roughness measuring machines, CMM coordinate measuring machines… and experimental data processors.

3.3. Laboratory of Machine Manufacturing

The Lab is equipped with small teaching models of metal cutting machines, and other equipment for shear force, cutting heat, chip shrinkage testing…

3.4. Laboratory of Automated Manufacturing

The Lab is invested with a miniature automatic production system, which is the most modern mechanical manufacturing field today. In addition, there is a computer room to practice simulations for robots, changing the working modes of the system.

3.5. Laboratory of and System Engineering and Digital Control

Actuators and control mechanisms from basic to modern are available in this lab. In addition, there is also a system of PLC, CNC machines and automatic machines…

3.6. Laboratory of Materials and Heat Treatment Technology

The Lab has a lot of equipment specializing in researching metals and heat treatment technology, such as microscopes, metal cross-section samples, furnaces, hardness measuring machines…

3.7. Laboratory of Welding and Pressure Machining

The most modern equipment in welding, such as TIG, MIG, MAG… is invested in this Lab. Besides, experiments for pressure machining have been undertaken by steam hammer, forge furnace, and combine punching machine…

3.8. Laboratory of Casting

This Lab is equipped with a fairly complete casting practice system from the base of the mold making workshop, feeding system, metal pouring to the furnace…

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