*: The intake target of Advanced Mechatronics Engineering (7520114CLC) and Traditional Mechatronics Engineering (7520114) respectively. 

See more admission methods and targets for all majors of University of Science and Technology – the University of Danang (UD-DUT) here

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Tuition (based on DUT’s admission program)

Further information

  • SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Besides the incentive scholarships, business scholarships and financial support from UD-DUT, every year FME students have the opportunity to receive scholarships from large companies and corporations as well as other organizations: Toyota, Doosan Vina, Microchip, Crystal, Sunflower Mission, Companion, Hessen… See more information about scholarship opportunities for students of FME here.
  • JOB OPPORTUNITIES: More than 90% of graduates are employed after 6 months. See more information about the employment statistics for graduates in 2016 here.
    Many alumni work or hold important roles in leading mechanical companies and corporations in Vietnam such as THACO (Truong Hai), Doosan Vietnam, Dung Quat oil refinery, Quan Dat aluminum and glass, as well as Japanese mechanical corporations. See more information about Job Opportunities and Recruitment here.
  • FACILITIES: See details of Facilities here
    • The Institute of Mechanical Technology and Automation consists of practice, research and production rooms equipped with modern machines:
      • CTS practice room (Simulating CNC, CAD/CAM software);
      • Basic CNC programming room;
      • Advanced CNC programming room;
      • CNC/CAD/CAM technology and machine research room;
      • Experimental production room;
      • Automation research room (CIM Automatic Production System, Product Assembly System, Industrial Robot, Industrial Sensor…);
      • Level 1 and 2 measurement room;
      • Level 3 measurement room (CMM);
    • The Mechanical Workshop has been equipped with all kinds of traditional metal cutting machines such as turning, milling, planning, grinding, slitting… as well as NC digital control machines such as turning, milling… that serve well for training and technology transfer; 
    • And many other laboratories.
  • STUDENT ACTIVITIES: FME students will have chances to join many useful activities, through which to hone and practice necessary skills. The strengths of FME students are the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union activities, Student Union activities, and the student scientific research activitiesfor many years, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of FME has achieved good achievements in volunteering  entertaining  sports. In the academic year 2017-2018, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of FME won the title of the leading Union of DUT with many exciting and practical activities for students. See more about student activities here.

FME Youth Union activities academic year 2017-2018: One year review

FME English club (MElish) activities

  • FME students have won plenty of high prizes for many years in student scientific research competitions (TI Contest, Intel Galileo, Holcim Prize, Luong Van Can Prize, Student Scientific Research Competition, Student Scientific Research Conference, and BKDN TECHSHOW…). See more about the Student Scientific Research activities here.

FME Minirobocon contest 2020

FME’s student scientific research conference and technology exhibition, academic year 2019-2020

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