FME Minirobocon contest “Carp leaping over Dragon’s gate”

In January 27, 2019

In order to create a playground for FME students as well as DUT students to unleash their abilities and passion for robotics, and motivate the process of learning and researching robots, on October 8, 2018, FME officially launched the Minirobocon contest 2019 with the topic “Carp Leaping over Dragon’s Gate“.  

The contest with a new theme attracted many participants, including 34 teams with 130 students from the faculties: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, and Information Technology. 

The contest consisted of 2 rounds: 

  • The qualifying round on January 20, 2019 to select 12 strongest teams. 
  • The final round on January 22, 2019 to find the champion. 

Therefore, after more than 4 months of careful preparation from the Organizing Committee, 3 months of researching and manufacturing of teams has ended with a lot of emotions from the organizers, players, and even supporters.  

After many matches, we have found the Champion for this year: 

  • Champion: Team Aiméka Buffalo 
  • Second Prize: Team CDT-Storms  
  • Third prize: Team KTX505N4  
  • Impressive Video prize: Team FITR 
  • Technology prize: Team KTX505N4 
Champion: Team Aiméka Buffalo
Second Prize: Team CDT-Storms 
Third prize: Team KTX505N4  
Impressive Video prize: Team FITR
Technology prize: Team KTX505N4

Last but not least, it is impossible not to mention the great contribution of our sponsors to the success of the contest. FME would like to express our gratitude to: 

  • Premo Vietnam CO., LTD 
  • Duti Education Investment & Development CO., LTD 
  • R&P Electronics CO., LTD 
  • Institute of Mechanical Technology and Automation

Some photos:

Đội RBDL với chú robot “khủng” của cuộc thi
Đội Sắc màu, dù rất xuất sắc nhưng cũng không thể vượt qua KTX505N4 ở trận tranh Giải ba
Robogirl – những “Bông hồng thép” của Khoa Cơ khí
2 đội chơi đến từ khoa Điện
Những lần bức tốc của các đội chơi ở khu vực Sóng thần
Ban kháo khảo và khách mời
Cổ động viên của Đội CDT-STORM
Những trận thi đấu đều rất kịch tính, thu hút rất đông đảo cổ động viên

News and photos: FME

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