“2018 SMC Pneumatics Training Course” series

In November 2, 2018

On October 30, 2018, at the training room of SMC Pneumatics Vietnam – Danang Branch, there was a training called “SMC Pneumatics Training Course” organized by the Youth Union of FME, in collaboration with SMC organized with the participation of 20 students from FME, DUT. 

In the training, students are provided with basic knowledge about compressed air and compressed air system, structure and function of some pneumatic equipment, and basic concept of control circuit. Besides, students also have a chance to practice, and have a hands-on experience with modern industrial pneumatic equipment of SMC. 

Especially, after the training, the participants were issued an SMC P1-Basic certificate from SMC Vietnam. The training session achieved success, leaving a good impression for the students and engineers of the company. In the near future, the Youth Union of FME will continue to organize more activities to improve knowledge and skills for students of FME and DUT in general.

FYI: “2018 SMC Pneumatics Training Course” is a series of events occuring at the end of each month for FME’s 3-4-5-year student.

Some photos:

SMC engineer presents principle of pneumatic elements
Students work on pneumatic training kits
Group photo
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